Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:18 pm
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Not that I've been active on anything lately, but wow, LJ is I guess dead to me.

Seriously, the translation you can read isn't the real legally binding TOS? Agree to the Russian ones? What kind of *BEEEP* is that. If you're going to provide a translation, run it by your lawyers.

The internet, of course, is remarkably unkind to non-english speakers who often are asked to agree to a TOS they can't read, but I would expect any company that provides an official translation to be sure it's accurate.

Regret my lifetime account now, I guess. I'm going to keep crossposting for now, but all comments are pushed to my DW. So if you're reading this on LJ, hop on over to the DW. If you're reading this on LJ and there aren't any recent posts, well, ...most likely I just vanished again, but it's possible I've stopped crossposting. So hop on over.

So, I'm alive, 36, I doubt virtually anyone who used to still reads my journal, but if you do, stop by, tell me what's changed in your life in the past couple years. I'm screening comments.

As for what's up with me?

Not much, but if you really want to know, see the cut...

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Wow, it's been forever since I posted.

Fast update: It's not even like I've moved on to other communities. Mostly, I'm just not communicating with anyone much; I've barely been on WoW for months. Work sucks. Need more RP. Life is increasingly draining. And now is the season of lawn mowing.

Today's my birthday. Happy birthday, me!

When I was born, this day wasn't influenced by DST, so I guess the actual exact time of birth is no longer 10PM, but rather 9PM. So in like, 30 minutes.

Not that it matters.

Hope everyone's doing good.
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So today while browsing around for inspiration...
I found this nonsensical result.

Picture behind cut )
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Okay, I have an interesting one here. More of my friends are mac users or nontechies than not, but there's a few of you out there.

So when I got my desktop back up and running (or the computer formerly known as my desktop, though virtually every part except the optical drives and the video card are new) I had to reinstall windows.

I chose to do an 'unattended' install to seamlessly move the User files to a second partition on the drive from start for maximum functionality and the speed boost that a small primary partition provides. Everything was working just fine...

Until now when I have just discovered that though it is enabled, VirtualStore is not working. I don't have a lot of legacy programs that don't know manners, but I do have a couple (all old games, of course). While I can install those in another folder, I'd rather have it Just Work.

I rather like UAC. I consider virtualization of protected directories to be one of the smartest moves MS made going to Vista. (Though of course it wasn't really implemented 'right' until 7, much like most other things.) While there's like a dozen workarounds I can take on a per-app basis (taking full control of the folders, installing elsewhere, creating symlinks to data directories... etc.) I really want VirtualStore to just work. Anyone know how to give it a kick in the pants?

All I can find on the googles is a few people talking about how moving their user folder, in whatever method, jacked up their VirtualStore the same way.

PS: Really, Microsoft, how hard does "Save stuff over HERE!" have to be?
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So I know some of my friendslist either lives in Austin or has lived in Austin and still may have contacts there.

One of my very best friends in the world recently moved from Philly to Austin for a job. He had a plan to get an apartment with a friend of his working at the same location. For various reasons which I won't get into because I don't know the friend in question and I'm trying not to judge, that plan has now fallen through. He's trying to get an apartment himself, but is short on the ready cash for first, last, and deposit, and has minimal renting history.

This is a guy I've known since I was in college, who stayed up late nights with me when I was at my most depressed and took my suicidal thoughts seriously, someone who hosted my sister at her first con, and has twice visited my home, including attending my wedding -- he came further for that event than any family member did for either of us. In short, I vouch for him, have met him in person, and even trust him with my sibling.

He may (he's not sure since he at least hopes to get an apartment, but gave me permission to check the interwebz for any contacts BEFORE it becomes a crisis) need to rent a room from someone for a few months to save up that first, last, and deposit.

So I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone more directly linked to the area has any suggestions, or hey, a spare room and a desire for some extra cash. He does have a job. He does have a car. He's a polite guy who is not at all an axe murderer, even if he does look a little like his viking ancestors.
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Waking up with nightmares about your job and not being able to get back to sleep for concern about it = ++unfun.

Oh right, if I change my LJ name, I also need to change the account on DW to get crossposting...
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I've been trying to train up a pandora station that plays nothing but strong female-fronted rock. I'm doing this looking for songs that have the potential to be character themesongs for my various Exalted characters, but it's been fairly slim pickings.

Anyone have female-fronted bands they like to listen to? I love Metric, but I'm mostly looking for a harder edge.

Here are my current seeds:

Empire by the Alpines -- one of my current Bennu songs
Unbreakable by Fireflight (CCM, but I don't mind that.) -- Also a Bennu song but really more a Phoenix Maiden song. This band has an -excellent- sound but very few songs that have lyrics that work very well for most my characters.
The Mission by Puscifer -- TOTALLY Ara (Airship captain, dual flamepiece wielding eclipse. And yes, this isn't a female fronted band, but this one song is.)
Halestorm -- Unfortunately their lyrics are either 'standard romance' or more Abyssal or Infernal, but definitely the -sound- I'd like.

Bands that are coming up a lot, though none of them are quite perfect, include:
Paramore (a little to pop-y for my purposes, but not bad.)
Icon For Hire
Evanescence (Not always very hard, but.)
Dirt Poor Robins

It feels like every time I hear an even slightly harder song and thumbs it up, the damn thing goes back to pulling in male vocalists 75% of the time.

Any suggestions to listen to/add as seeds welcome!
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Last year, many of you will remember, I ran an Exalted 'one shot' (that took all summer and into the fall, because I fail).

The original post was here.

As per usual, the game did not happen quite like I originally planned it mostly because I plan very poorly and what I grabbed off the top of my head when it came to the crunch ended up being ...different. But I think most the players had fun.

I plan to resume the game during the summer. Since both of my current Saturday games have gone on hiatus, I suspect we will probably play on Saturday afternoons, though a weekday evening is still possible as per the original game.

First dibs on slots go to the original players - original players, please let me know if you have the Saturday Afternoon slot free (or if you don't - if enough don't, we'll pick another time.) If you don't have Saturday Afternoons, do let me know if there's a weekday (after 7 pacific) when you can afford to play to 11pm or later. Note that Friday evening is already gone.

If you weren't in the original but are interested in playing in the resumed game, please leave a note. For those of you that weren't along, a combination of aggressive Twilighting (and Twilight...?ing) got everyone out of the prison just before the Eclipse social attacked the Prison to fall into Lethe. This tore a hole in the Underworld and the players ended up ...falling somewhere... (Meanwhile, the Zenith powered the Escape Device, also beat stuff up, and the Endings Sid beat a lot of things up.) So the game will no longer be set in the Infinite Prison and the GM has not yet been forthcoming about when and where everyone might land.

If I don't have at least four players with a common time slot, I probably won't go ahead.
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Well, that was one of the more interesting phishing/scam phone calls I've ever received.

Very heavy Indian type accent. Not expert enough to place it for sure, but we'll call it "The Dell Support Accent" for lack of better precision.

This is [something I couldn't quite hear, maybe Ceylon for all the lack of sense that would make?] technical support, calling about your computer.

I gave them half a chance. I did recently send my laptop in to ASUS to be repaired, maybe ASUS was trying to follow up on that and find out if I was happy with the repairs.

Your computer is not responding to online updates.

Okay, you still haven't said anything that indicates a previous business connection and you're offering me entirely unsolicited support for online updates? That I know I get, BTW, because they come in automatically and I just checked this morning and saw there were none, anyhow. At least, default OS ones. Which, it seemed, was what he was talking about.

So I asked again what company he was from. Still couldn't hear the answer. What computer was he talking about. The Microsoft Windows one. What brand? He doesn't know.

Gosh, thanks. You know my phone number, associated with my non-updating computer, but have no further information about my computer, who I am, or anything else?

Right. And I'm the queen of the flying pigs.

I hung up about then, so I don't know if it was an attempt to get me to install viruses or pay for technical support services I didn't need. (Or both!)

But very interesting.

ETA: Call came from a blocked number. "Private Caller" - that makes it WAY less likely it's anything legit, too.
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Thanksgiving: I take a four day weekend, the first time in months I've had anything besides my regular weekend, given that I work almost all holidays.

The motherboard on my desktop gives up. I pull the drive, back some stuff off to the laptop, and fail over to the laptop - it's only a year old, and almost as good as the desktop.

Just after Christmas: I take a slightly long weekend...

I will never take a long weekend again. )
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Hobbit movie is not a bad fantasy epic.

Is not, unfortunately, The Hobbit. The Hobbit is a morality tale with some very specific values; it does not involve active combat breaking out every five minutes.

And it definitely does not involve Bilbo killing anyone. In the first third of the story (if we count all three movies).

It also isn't supposed to be the story of Emo Dwarf, I mean, Thorin Oakenshield's Coming Of Age journey. And while I understand fleshing things out with other things happening at the same time, Radagast's portrayal is ridiculous. He should be no more comic relief than Gandalf should. Why Jackson/the actor chose to take Sauruman's word for Radagast's behavior rather than Gandalf's, I don't know.

That said: It's still a good movie, and an exciting fantasy epic, but it's just plain not The Hobbit. That might be all to the good. Tolkien himself (I am told) acknowledged that The Hobbit was basically (in its place as a story existing in the narrative history of a fictional world) was probably a children's retelling of a story (however accurate) existing in the -historical- narrative, and probably a lot less ...nice. This might very well be that 'original', as it were.

But it is not, and can not be, The Hobbit. I recommend it to fans of the LotR movies, but Tolkien purists like myself should be warned to adjust your expectations to enjoy the movie. This is not The Hobbit - but it may be a closely related tale.

ETA: If anyone goes to see the movie after seeing this, please do me a favor, and watch the opening scenes of Dale closely - I thought I saw what was intended to be a female dwarven vendor in a Dale marketplace, very very briefly.
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1) New dog. Will have picture eventually. I've never been without a dog and I didn't intend to start now, so we adopted us a mutt. Cats are severely displeased but we're working on it.

2) Color changing LED setups are inexpensive and common in electronics. Why the heck can't I find a short christmas light string using LED bulbs and letting me set single color, multi-color, blinking, etc? Where is my iChristmas? All I want for christmas is a set of lights I can use for any 'mood' on the tree without needing to redecorate!

3) Christmas Carols time! I needed them to get through the very hard week after Thanksgiving (when we had to put Remus down) and now I'm just listening to them because I like Christmas Carols. Anyone have a pandora station they really like for Christmas music?

4) Nothing Personal: Hopefully back on this week - please, folks, let me know if you won't be available as soon as possible, thanks!


Nov. 27th, 2012 07:36 pm
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That's Remus in October, a little before Halloween. He'd been to Petco to get his nails clipped, and they were decorating the dogs as a seasonal thing.

At this point, Remus was on a heavy dose of a diuretic to keep his symptoms under control. In June, we started noticing his stomach swelling, a symptom most likely of a failing heart that could no longer pump blood hard enough to keep his blood vessels inflated. The diuretics helped; he outlived his prognosis by several months.

A couple weeks ago, the diuretics were no longer enough. We had them tap his belly one more time and upped his dosage, but it took him two weeks to recover from the procedure, and by then his stomach was already bloated. Today, we took him in to the vet for the last time.

He was a good dog. He had some food issue; he was scared of his own shadow. But he loved us absolutely and was almost brave in protecting his cats.

Someday soon, I will upload a video of him being chased around the floor by the eight week old Pippin, which occurred in July, shortly after his diagnosis. One last kitten for Remus to love.

The last few nights, we've been trapping Remus in our bedroom at night because as his misery increased, his behavior decreased, and he's been chewing and destroying when alone. Pippin -hated- having his big brother locked away from him and attacked our door and cried.

He will be a sad kitty tonight. So are we all. Even the ones that aren't kitties.
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So today I went to make sure my wishlist on Amazon is updated since most my family uses that as a gift buying guide for me.

And I discovered that Amazon has inserted ads into the middle of my wishlist. Ads for products. Products I don't -want-. Sure, a three hundred dollar pair of headphones would be nice, but if, say, my parents-in-law are going to spend three hundred on my christmas gift, I'd rather have a new dishwasher or a food processor or a bowl-lift stand mixer, not a pair of headphones.

I mean, it doesn't look -that much- like the entries and there's even a little TINY button saying 'ad' but this is ridiculous. Why do you need to make any extra advertising in a wishlist? 90% of the time, anyone looking at a wishlist is intended to buy something off of it, or at least strongly considering it.

Some of the people who use my wishlist already have troubles figuring out how to use it 'right'. Argle bargle.

(ETA: I'm not 100% sure the ads are showing to other people; they're definitely not showing 100% of the time, and in some ways that makes them worse because they're less expected. STILL ANNOYED.)
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So I ended up tuning in to the Colbert/Steward live feed last night because I like Colbert's observations...

But the first thing I see is Stewart making rape jokes, so there I go; got better things to do.

Seriously, why the hell does anyone on the left like this guy anymore? He's not funny, he's just mean.


Nov. 7th, 2012 07:22 am
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End of the election season, thank god.

I would have made this post last night, but I was stuck at work way late and got home at bedtime. This is the first and hopefully last thing you'll see from me on the election.

Cut for liberalism (and length) )
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And I just want to make sure everyone's seen...

Because if you have disposable income at the moment, and you -don't- find this highly intriguing, why exactly are you reading my journal anyhow? I mean RP logs are about all I post anymore.
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That's mostly from our weekend trip, with a few pictures of the cats because they were on my camera and cats are too cute not to share.

Edited to insert one picture:
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So we almost had Stay Classy on Team Cleric. Almost; 4 bodies out. We ground and ground.

And realized that due to the weekly guild rep cap, we couldn't make honored before 5.04. So we looked it up... oh, hey, Blue on the forums says it won't change until Mists actually launches.

Come Tuesday, soon as we get on...

Oh, look, the achievement now includes Pandaren and Monks. 9 more characters.

If anyone wants to make a post complaining that Blizz's official information told us otherwise? Please do. Because there's some chance they'll make things right since we had official information - That's what Blue Posts are supposed to be - which was contradicted without any evidence.


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