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Wanted: Players willing to trust the GM and fight impossible odds to escape an eternal imprisonment.

System: Exalted
Character type: Any heroic character. Game is based on Solar power level; those at lower power should be aware they may lag behind, and while I’m not an oppositional GM and attempt not to kill players, bad things could happen. Also all characters should be able to work with a heroic Solar; good guys only need apply (mind you, ‘good guys’ could have their doubts about Anathema, as long as they’re willing to work together in this particular extreme).
Setting: The Infinite Prison
Concept: Exalted Prisoner’s Dilemma
Characters awaken, unable to remember who they are or any of their personal history. They are cast into one of the two roles within the Infinite Prison - prisoner or guard, torturer or tortured. -Hopefully- they will defy their captor and work together to escape the prison.

Character sheets will be built as usual, however, players will not be able to access all Charms at first due to the amnesia (access to any given Charm can be permanently unlocked by stunts). Charms with an Essence requirement two less than the character’s Essence are so simple they do not need to be stunted for. Also, some backgrounds will not be meaningful (Resources, Salary, Backing, etc) and should not be purchased, unless you can sell the GM on how they’ll work in the Infinite Prison. All players will receive a 10 point Flaw “Infinite Prisoner” though players are welcome to handicap themselves with additional flaws for no further point bonus.

The only way out of the prison is to blast through its heavily armored outer walls - no easy task, even for the Exalted, or to find a way to compel the Prison to release its captives.

This game will take place only over the course of the summer - if it is not finished (aka escape) before the end of the school year, it will have to stop then. Playing time will be a selected weekday (Monday-Thursday) 7:30 PDT until players and/or GM are exhausted - please be willing to put in a minimum of three hours usually. Exact day depends on player consensus, so if you’re interested, be sure to tell me what days you can play.

If you’re interested, let me know.

ETA: RL > Game, and stuff happens; none the less, I ask you not sign up if you can't manage to at least inform me as soon as you know you won't be able to make it. Just let the ST know and don't leave all the other players sitting waiting and wasting -their- time if avoidable. Thanks!

Date: 2012-07-02 02:04 am (UTC)
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Fascinating. :D

I can make any Monday thru Thursday, though Thursday is less optimal than the others given the stack of other games that proceeds Friday and Saturday.


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