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So this morning, I wake up, and there's a plaintive Kitten Voice coming from the vents in the living room.

Well, shit. See, we've had this feral running around, and she was getting under the house. I finally thought I had her all blocked out. "Did you check to see if there are kittens?" my mom asked. "No," I said, "I haven't seen her getting all chubby, I'm sure it's fine." Yeah, of course, thanks Universe.

So I got my headlamp, which needed new batteries, my husband, so someone would hear me scream if turned into a horror movie scenario with a kitten-voiced demon lurking under the house, and crawled down to find a kitten who cowered against the corner of the foundation as if -I- was the horror movie monster, and to be quite fair to the tiny fuzzball, I more or less was.

So there I was with a box and a cowering kitten, who didn't want to be caught. Sure, it was too slow to get away from me, and I caught it and deposited it swiftly in the box... but the lid was still stuck to the underside of the box. Oops. So then it's a very gentle version of whack-a-mole as I try to keep the panicked fuzzball in the box with one hand while lifting the box with the other and tugging loose the lid with... umm. ANOTHER HAND.

Through a combination of my AMAZING DEXTERITY and pure good luck, I get the lid on the box, and discover it doesn't fit very tightly and the freaked out kitten wants back out - and then back I have to go, crawling with one hand on the box at all times. Oops. (And of course the kitten was in basically the far corner of the house crawlspace from the -human- sized entrance.)

Quest completed! Reward: One small black feral kitten, that now needs a home. oops.

(Also not having the death by starvation of a small black feral kitten on my conscience. 'Cause that would suck.)

I will post pictures for you people soon. It's very cute.
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There's a little bit of cart-and-horse here, but I'm starting to contemplate home plans. I personally would rather buy a lot and build, since I can't imagine we'll find something that's got everything we need.

Looking at pre-existing floor plans, I just don't get the fascination with and love of these horrid segmented roofs. They are more expensive to build, maintain, and repair. They are more prone to failure and leaks. What's wrong with a big boxy house with a big boxy roof and a big boxy floor plan? I know, I know, they're 'pretty' but they're a nightmare.

Of course, first Brian has to get a job, since we can't afford much on my income. (We could certainly afford -something- but I don't want to buy a house I'm going to be moving out of as soon as Brian gets a job.)

Some other thoughts... )

So if you were going to build a home, what little geeky conveniences would be important to you?


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