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Every once in a while someone comments on my HTML character template. While my goal is ultimately to put up a web tool to fill it out for you, if you know HTML even a little, you should be able to make use of the base template.

This is the latest version, with a lot of tweaks. It is a Solar sheet, though theoretically it wouldn't take too much tweaking to make it work for the -majority- of nonSolar abilities.

It does not currently handle Thaum. I have a Thaum quasi-solution on Imtithal's sheet, but I'm not really happy with it.

It also doesn't handle multiple versions of Craft well - they could be listed in the right hand column, but I haven't played a crafter in a game where Craft was treated as separate abilities since I created the sheet. If there's only a couple of craft, the ability could just be copy-pasted, but things will look weird if one column gets appreciably larger than the others.

Note that a couple of the templates, like combos and specialties, are currently style="display:none;" and the style should be removed if you actually want the section to display.

The character sheet is well-formed XHTML 1 strict, and the CSS is well-formed CSS2. It should display mostly properly in most modern browsers, but because all sizes are relative to font size, with some default fonts or font sizes, you may get strange wrapping issues because of rounding errors.

A finished example sheet is Golden Aster.
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Her name is a sibilant string of expressed consonants that -she- can not duplicate perfectly, hissed by her adoptive pack. To them, it means "Soft-skinned Bright Child." She dresses in animal skins wrapped roughly around her to protect her tender flesh from the thorns of the jungle creepers that the rest of the family ignores. She is their shaman, their thinker, their tactician, a gift of the jungles to them that they have protected well.

They are unawakened stalkers, proto-Dragon Kings without the gift of awakened minds and essences, and many, many months ago, they drove a pack of claw striders from a destroyed human caravan, claiming the kill for themselves.

blah blah blah, cut for friendslists )

The sheet.
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I pulled up and statted a rather old character concept.

Golden Aster, Eclipse Tank.

In the First Age, Golden Aster's higher soul belonged the dragon-blooded who struck the killing blow against his Eclipse master at the Usurpation.

The Solar later accepted the insidious offers of the Neverborn and became a deathlord. Seeking revenge on his killer, he captured, slew, and imprisoned the higher soul of the Dragon-blooded in a soulsteel dagger.

A thousand years and some later, with whispers of the potential for secret weaknesses passing around the underworld, whispers of hope for the oppressed ghostly masses, the Deathlord became paranoid about a weapon housing a soul that had slain him before, and sought to destroy the artifact, soulsteel, soul, and all. But the destruction of soulsteel is an unchancy thing, and the soul escaped into Lethe before it could be destroyed or flung into Oblivion.

Shortly thereafter, it was reborn in a young woman of Lookshy...

Golden Aster (Artifact 5 sword not detailed 'cause there's no canon swords I want so I'd have to pass something by a GM anyhow.)
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This random character brought to you by Not Having Enough On My Hands, Really. (Yes, she's very proto-typical. Shush.)

( Imtithal of the Radeen )

(Imtithal is not actually a balanced starting character. She's got a few extra artifacts and things to represent a discovered Cache.)
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Oooh. Leti has discovered that playing with Mundane Equipment can actually be quite useful. >_> Mmm, Resources! (A soak of 6L TOTALLY beats 1L.)

Ara Mutoqui, the Horizon-Crowned Falcon (Eclipse, 50BP) )
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I'm bored. Thus, I'm posting an Exalted character no one will care about because she doesn't have and likely never will have a game. Oh well. Not entirely detailed, because, no campaign, so, no campaign. Craft is treated like a generic; specific Craft would probably depend on Game.
As usual, the name is... flexible )


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