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So I know some of my friendslist either lives in Austin or has lived in Austin and still may have contacts there.

One of my very best friends in the world recently moved from Philly to Austin for a job. He had a plan to get an apartment with a friend of his working at the same location. For various reasons which I won't get into because I don't know the friend in question and I'm trying not to judge, that plan has now fallen through. He's trying to get an apartment himself, but is short on the ready cash for first, last, and deposit, and has minimal renting history.

This is a guy I've known since I was in college, who stayed up late nights with me when I was at my most depressed and took my suicidal thoughts seriously, someone who hosted my sister at her first con, and has twice visited my home, including attending my wedding -- he came further for that event than any family member did for either of us. In short, I vouch for him, have met him in person, and even trust him with my sibling.

He may (he's not sure since he at least hopes to get an apartment, but gave me permission to check the interwebz for any contacts BEFORE it becomes a crisis) need to rent a room from someone for a few months to save up that first, last, and deposit.

So I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone more directly linked to the area has any suggestions, or hey, a spare room and a desire for some extra cash. He does have a job. He does have a car. He's a polite guy who is not at all an axe murderer, even if he does look a little like his viking ancestors.


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