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I'll be buying this for Bennu eventually, after I deal with some other critical things, just because fun and Judgmental.

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It was hard on both of them (but especially him), when she developed super powers; all of a sudden she had no time, too much fame, and he hated the danger she was putting herself in. It was hard on him too, to be weaker than her. (And precognition, of all powers, is /particularly/ annoying in a girlfriend. "I forgot the milk," he'd say, and she'd shrug and say she already ran out to pick some up. And sometimes he was sure she was keeping secrets from him - even about him. He asked, once in a black mood, "Have you seen my death?" and she gave him the oddest smile and shook her head no.) It was hard on her, too, trying to keep up a romance and save the world at the same time. And villains make things even harder.

So here they are in a warehouse; her archnemesis has him captive, and has given her an ultimatum; she serves evil, or he dies.

But all she says is, "My code of ethics requires me to warn you that if you harm him, you will die."

"You would trade his life, then?" the villain demands. "Fine." A gun cracks. He crumples to the floor as the villain says, "You will find that I am prepared for your attempts on my life. I will, however, enjoy your misery."

And she kneels beside him, pain in her eyes; her hand covers the wound, as if trying to erase it. She looks up at the villain, the sorrow fading into pity. "I didn't say that /I/ would kill you." She pauses, turning her face down to his still form. "You should have expected," she comments to the villain, though her focus is elsewhere, "that I've known what happens next for years." With no more attention for her doomed enemy, she bends down, plants a kiss on his warm lips, and waits for him to realize he's not dead after all.

It's much easier for them both after.
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Dec. 18th, 2004 01:06 am
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A couple of things, and just one economic post!  First, the content.
I'm not done with this yet, but I wanted to post it, because I think I've hit the point where I might not come back to it.  Both the sheet and the special attunements (particularly the mechanics, eww, crunchy bits) need some fine tuning.  I'm torn between cheesing her out - after all, she's got a dangerous, dangerous task in life - and trying to keep things balanced, and at the moment, I'm succeeding at neither.  I think she'd get her ass kicked, AND she's all combat twinked.  As far as the attunments go, I've thrown out three things, but I'm not sure I want to keep them all because they have slightly different focuses.  But the background and the characterization is pretty much what I want save for organizational and stylistic changes.  Comments are welcome, particularly on the crunchy bits, and I haven't come up with many rites yet.  Therefore...
Edit: Belah has gained some nasty Artifacts.
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Ok, so that's content.  Now I'm going to throw a meme at you.  You all remember the question/interview/whatever meme?
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Jul. 29th, 2003 08:42 am
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I'm back.

Obviously. ;)

Had a great time, got a lot of sun, miraculously avoided actually burning, though I got a little pink from time to time. For me that's a major accomplishment.
Yeah. Not much to say here, move along, move along...


Why can't I write anymore? I swear, my focus just crumbles when I try to write the last several months. Year, I guess.


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