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Two Scenes )
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This is it, the funniest damn log ever. I have been -waiting- to post this one.

If you read this log, you are obliged to read everything said by the salamander out-loud in your best Eeyore voice.

That said... )
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This was going to be the funniest log ever, but it was too long for a single post. So the funny part will be tomorrow's.

Instead, just a fight. )
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Some more stuff. With bonus fire elemental stats at the end.

Adventure beckons! )
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So I missed a couple days. That's okay, Brian and I don't actually play that often, so I'll run out of logs sooner or later anyhow.

Some things change, others stay the same. )
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At last, their exaltations. Honestly, even though I ran it, I thought this was the most awesome scene ever.

awesome inside )
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Actually, in my files, this one's numbered 4, but I combined what were 2 and 3 because they were fairly short. This, too, is a couple combined sessions.

Not all is as it should be. )
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The Ride )
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Brian and I have been running in spare moments an on-again-off-again Exalted game sent near Chiaroscuro.

He plays Sarye of the F'meeq, Zenith Solar, Delzahn noble, and desert rider, from a tribe with the deepest of heresies - they still follow the Sun.

I play Imtithal of the Radeen, a Night Caste Solar, daughter of a Chiaroscuro Delzahni household seemingly doomed to fade into memory.

I was rereading the logs as we started the 'on again' part, and he convinced me it would be a good idea to post them for anyone who was curious to read.

They began as heroic mortals in Chiaroscuro... )


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