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Lawgiver (Ability) Fiat
Cost: --; Mins: (Ability) 3, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Third (Ability) Excellency

Success is the domain of Solars, and in their chosen fields, they should never fear to strive for greatness. For the Solar who knows this Charm, failure is literally not an option.
Any time the Lawgiver makes a roll with (Ability) that would automatically succeed according to the automatic success rules on p124 of the Exalted core and the roll fails, she may instead accept a 0 threshold success as if she had chosen to default to automatic success instead. This ‘automatic reroll’ effect is available even after using other rerolls, such as the Third (Ability) Excellency.

At Essence 5, the Solar may use this ability even with rolls that are not normally eligible for automatic success, such as opposed rolls, those made in combat, or under stress. The automatic reroll can never be used with insufficient dice to qualify for an automatic success. Stunt dice and Charm purchased dice always count towards the requisite pool.
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Because some things about Lunars drive me nuts!

Steel-Shod Quicksilver Marvel
Prerequisites: Changing Plumage Mastery, Essence 3, Appearance 3
The Lunar presents to the world the face she wishes to display. Where the prerequisite grants some control over garments and other ephemera, Steel-Shod Quicksilver Marvel permits the Lunar great control over her panoply. Whenever the Lunar changes shapes, she may spend a willpower to change the default disposition of her material goods. Even Moon-Faced or moonsilver armor may be banished to elsewhere; lesser armor, weapons, and tools may shift with the Lunar to still be usable rather than being forced Elsewhere. This permits Lunars to treat any mortal armor as Moon-Faced, though non-moonsilver artifacts must make 'sense' in some manner on or as part of the Lunar's form, their magically reinforced shapes not yet subject to the Lunar's will. The Lunar may only alter the arrangement of Elsewhere and non-Elsewhered items by spending another willpower on another shift.

Second-Skin Champion
Prerequisites: Steel-Shod Quicksilver Marvel, Essence 4, Appearance 5
This Knack extends is prerequisite to transcend the limitations of a form; any tool or artifact the Lunar carries may be moved to elsewhere or incorporated seamlessly into the Lunar's alternate forms. A ritual knife becomes a claw, or the edge of a hoof; a compass becomes an inborn directional sense. Armor, artifact or otherwise, can be incorporated invisibly beneath the Lunar's skin. These items are concealed completely, and only observing them in use, be it when a blade skitters off the moonsilver hardened hide or when a bear's claws function as medical scalpels to perform skillful surgery can expose the transformation.
Should a Lunar be slain while wearing a form integrating objects via this knack, those items are instantly banished to Elsewhere, and will not be seen again in Creation until the Lunar's next incarnation first shifts in to her human true form from an alternate form. This effect only affects those items that are owned by the Lunar; while she may still integrate stolen objects, they will instead appear next to her corpse. This explicitly includes any artifacts attuned to others.

Deadly Twin Contemplation
Prerequisites: Deadly-Beastman Transformation, Essence 5, Stamina 4
A Lunar's first War Form is shaped by the extremities of their current situation. Often times, they must sacrifice the utility that their forms could provide for more killing power; other times, they settle for an uneasy compromise and lose the top potential of their war-form. Situations change - especially when the Exalted are involved, and what was optimal when one was young may not aid an experienced Lunar with a wider field of abilities and Charms so well.
This Knack expands a Lunar's beastman transformations; taking it permits the Lunar to build a second warform following the same constraints as the first. This counts as a fourth True form, but permits an eagle totem Lunar to have one beastman form with great wings to carry off victims, and a second to optimize the striking power of claws and beak in the melee, or a panther Lunar to have one war form with an eye to stealthy hunting and another to open battle. As with Deadly Beastman Transformation, the war form must follow the thematics of the Lunar's spirit shape unless the Lunar knows Perfected Hybrid Interaction. Any war forms provided by this knack may be redesigned at any point the Deadly Beastman Transformation granted form is redesigned, such as when buying Perfected Hybrid Interaction or Terrifying Beastman Alteration.
This Knack can be purchased again at Essence 7, granting a third war form, and again at Essence 10. The Essence 10 purchase grants two separate war form configurations, reaching a total of 5 separate specialized war forms.
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Wanted: Players willing to trust the GM and fight impossible odds to escape an eternal imprisonment.

System: Exalted
Character type: Any heroic character. Game is based on Solar power level; those at lower power should be aware they may lag behind, and while I’m not an oppositional GM and attempt not to kill players, bad things could happen. Also all characters should be able to work with a heroic Solar; good guys only need apply (mind you, ‘good guys’ could have their doubts about Anathema, as long as they’re willing to work together in this particular extreme).
Setting: The Infinite Prison
Concept: Exalted Prisoner’s Dilemma
Characters awaken, unable to remember who they are or any of their personal history. They are cast into one of the two roles within the Infinite Prison - prisoner or guard, torturer or tortured. -Hopefully- they will defy their captor and work together to escape the prison.

Character sheets will be built as usual, however, players will not be able to access all Charms at first due to the amnesia (access to any given Charm can be permanently unlocked by stunts). Charms with an Essence requirement two less than the character’s Essence are so simple they do not need to be stunted for. Also, some backgrounds will not be meaningful (Resources, Salary, Backing, etc) and should not be purchased, unless you can sell the GM on how they’ll work in the Infinite Prison. All players will receive a 10 point Flaw “Infinite Prisoner” though players are welcome to handicap themselves with additional flaws for no further point bonus.

The only way out of the prison is to blast through its heavily armored outer walls - no easy task, even for the Exalted, or to find a way to compel the Prison to release its captives.

This game will take place only over the course of the summer - if it is not finished (aka escape) before the end of the school year, it will have to stop then. Playing time will be a selected weekday (Monday-Thursday) 7:30 PDT until players and/or GM are exhausted - please be willing to put in a minimum of three hours usually. Exact day depends on player consensus, so if you’re interested, be sure to tell me what days you can play.

If you’re interested, let me know.

ETA: RL > Game, and stuff happens; none the less, I ask you not sign up if you can't manage to at least inform me as soon as you know you won't be able to make it. Just let the ST know and don't leave all the other players sitting waiting and wasting -their- time if avoidable. Thanks!
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This is the last log! Apologies for all the spam and hope at least one person enjoys reading them.

Solars. Overkill. It's like peanut butter and chocolate. )
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So after long last, Brian will be resuming his Shadows of the Past Solar's game this coming week.

I'm trying to catch up on the logs!

Devastation Inside )
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Or something like that!

My records for Nothing Personal are in shambles. Neither I nor the player have an up to date sheet for one of the characters. And we just had a major errata patch released that scrambled entire MA trees that some of my players had!

I do, however, know that you're in the rough area of 382 xp. And that I'm highly lazy and when you're lazy, throwing the work on someone else is good!

So here's the deal:

All characters are going to be rebuilt at 400xp, starting over from the BP up. I want you to end up with everything you have now unless it or its prereqs changed significantly in function with the 2.5 patch (if in doubt, check with me.)

Please give me a list of a) what you spent BP on and b) what you spent XP on with totals so that at least for a while I'll have good records. Please put the sheet somewhere you can update it and I can see it online - Google Docs is good, but an LJ post you update or whatever will work just fine too. All up to you.

If you can have this done so that I have time to go over any questions -before- our theoretical next session of July 6th, that'd be great.

Please contact me to find out what your individual 'freebies' at the start of the game were if you don't remember, since those varied slightly by your various secret missions. Also contact me with any questions about the rebuild process or any rulings on the errata.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 11:37 am
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Nothing Personal players: I am kind of... Err. Dumb. This Friday is a medical purposed trip to Silverdale, and we won't be home until starting time and Brian at least will be in no shape to play. Instead of resuming April 6th, we will be resuming Friday, April 13. I'm sure this should not be taken as an omen of any kind.
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Okay, folks. It's looking like everyone's best with Friday evenings, starting at 6PT/9ET. If you live in Arizona, calculate for DST. :p

That should give us 4-5 hours and maybe more if we get carried away.

I am tentatively setting the restart date as April 6th, unless things go crazy for someone between now and then.

I will hopefully go through xp and figure out exactly where things are before then, and give some kind of bonus points for long hiatus is long. If not, we restart with housekeeping.
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Had to get this log emailed to me.

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