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http://www.gocomics.com/theelderberries/ - it's a moderately funny (given that it's syndicated to newspapers) strip about a budget retirement home and the people involved. The description on the site is, "Set in a retirement community, The Elderberries follows the exploits of five multidimensional friends who spice up their day-to-day lives with covert field trips, practical jokes and dueling wordplay. The Elderberries addresses the bittersweet and comedic elements of aging with warmth, wisdom and humor (lots of humor)."

Five friends.

Now, click that link. See the faces in the header? There are four. Who's left out?

Boone. He's the one character of color in the entire strip.

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Lesson on cause and effect:

If you barge into a family home in the middle of a night looking for a murder suspect and manage to shoot the seven year old girl sleeping on a couch, her peers will ALSO grow up to not trust police and authority figures because they know the murdering thugs police can be.

Seven year old girls are never acceptable collateral damage. Yes, yes, you were looking for a very dangerous murder suspect. You sure stopped him/her from murdering anyone else BY MURDERING A SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL IN THE PROCESS.

And teaching another generation of her classmates that -cops are not your friends-.

And then you'll wonder how come they run and claim it's suspicious behavior and harass and hassle them and give them harsher sentences and wonder how come

it all

If you want the moral high ground, you have to stop killing children and other innocents. You have to ask the questions before you shoot. You have to take the risks. That's what moral high ground is - doing the thing that's right, even if it's not 'safest' or 'easiest' for you personally. Am I getting through here? Do you not understand this concept? You barge into a family home in the middle of the night and you'd better damn well be in control of your guns. Accidental discharge my ASS. Accidents like this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. And if it had been one of the black residents of the house whose gun had accidentally killed the poor girl, they'd be charged with manslaughter. Chances of any charges on the idiot who DID shoot her?


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