Nov. 7th, 2012 07:22 am
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End of the election season, thank god.

I would have made this post last night, but I was stuck at work way late and got home at bedtime. This is the first and hopefully last thing you'll see from me on the election.

Cut for liberalism (and length) )
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One day more.
Another day, another destiny,
This neverending road to Calvary.
These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a secondtime.
One day more.

Tomorrow is the judgment day. )
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Apparently just 7.2% of America's broadcast media outlets - TV and radio - are owned by the 33% of Americans who happen to be less melanin deficient than your standard European-descended neo-colonialist.

Shameful, huh?

Of course, a disgraceful and disproportionate number of those 33% live in poverty, having been kept down by institutionalized racism, so it shouldn't be that surprising they own less businesses.

But that's not the point. The same people that are ranting and raving about these studies quietly point out that ...women, who make up 51% of the US population, own less than 6% of broadcast outlets. Yes. There's more of us than there are minorities (though of course, approximately 33% of us are minorities as well, and how many of THEM do you think own broadcast outlets?) and we have even less voice in the media. We're still the pretty chick whose purpose is to breathlessly read from the teleprompter with a tight shirt and some nice cleavage, when it comes to broadcast media.

I'm getting pretty tired of being dependent on the charity of men to tell my story - and the story of other women, and the story of our ongoing conflict with so-called traditional gender-based oppression.

But you know something? The FCC wants to let the big (white, male) corporations get their hands on even more. To let the same people tell you the same story even more often. To let even /accidental/ errors propogate with ease - let alone deliberate or malicious ones.

Go do something.

Both democracy and capitalism depend on actors in the market - be it shopping for cars or shopping for congress representatives - having full and accurate information - and being represented in full, having the power and voice to act on the information.

Right now, we - as working Americans who actually understand what it means to have a credit limit, as women, as minorities (which I am not, I should qualify) have neither of those.

Do something. Because if we don't, we will be sentenced to more and more coverage of Britney Spears and her custody battle for the rest of our lives.

A letter

Jun. 27th, 2005 02:41 pm
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Dear future,

It is 1940-odd. I am in a war with Germany, Italy, and Japan.
I will not try to excuse my actions which are truly wrong, such as the Japanese internment camps of the West Coast. I will leave the issue of the nuclear bombs I am developing in the air to be argued about at a later date.

But please do not judge me for propaganda posters in which the viewer is exhorted to buy stamps and bonds in order to defeat the Japs, Japanazis, Nazis, or other enemy groups. I am in a war. With Japan and Germany. And frankly? I'm not always looking to win. Right now, I'm trying to defeat Japan and Germany. And /they started it/. This is not 'politically incorrect' or 'racist.' (The internment camps, on the other hand, are; I already promised not to try to excuse those, because I can't.)

I am trying to win a war. I am fighting people that gas people for being different. I am fighting people that are doing terrible things in China and Korea. I am fighting people that are /evil/, as well as people that are just on the wrong side.

And it is not wrong or racist of me to ask for my citizens' help in this war. You are judging me by your day, but things are very different right now. My young men are dying; these posters are an effort to keep as many of them alive as I can. Thank you, and have a nice century.

Love, 1940s America.


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