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Birthday's Thursday. Everyone's busy.

Possibly excepting my father, but I'd rather spend it by myself, thanks. I haven't reminded him of my birthday nor have any intention to do so. I don't need anything from him.

So am going to probably treat myself to lunch and then go to work like normal.

I am being angry at a variety of links.

I shouldn't cut this; these rants need to be read. But I try to be courteous. DILEMMA. )
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MRGH. Leti feels /sick/.
Woke up feeling all cold, thirsty, nasty taste in mouth. Went and got water. Three swallows, started feeling nauseous. No more water. Still thirtsy and cold.

...I'm going back to bed now.
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Okay, I /try/ to be a good customer, I really do.
I understand grocery store clerks are human and make mistakes. I really do.
And so, dear Mr. Grocery Store Clerk, I was fine with the fact the error had been corrected. After I convinced you that you'd made it, which took long enough, and who the hell should know better than me what my order was?
When you, however, try to hand me a lecture about how YOUR fuckup was MY fault with my groceries, you? You have hit the inner core of Leti rage, and you should count yourself lucky the Leti did not blow up in your incompentent face.

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It's that time of year.  Ten things I am thankful for.

I am thankful that I do not live with my father this year, and that I can, perhaps, look to the holidays with hope instead of deep-down dread.  (Telling my subconcious this is another matter.)
I am thankful for good friends who have stuck by me years
I am thankful for good friends I have met in the past year, with the hope of adding them to the above category next year.
I am thankful for my kitties.
I am thankful that my mother could and cared to teach me how to cook when I was younger.
I am thankful for the genetic gifts of health and intelligence my parents and grandparents provided me with.
I am thankful for the variety of work which has kept my loan payments made though the past four years (as we quickly come up on the fourth year since my graduation from college).
I am thankful for my sister, my closest peer and best friend for most of my life.
I am thankful for my mother, my strongest role-model and support.

And one last one...  How do I possibly say this?
I am thankful.  The rest, I think, is private.
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I may be paying a price for my indigence. (Okay, indigence is an exaggeration.)

I am getting strange ...mmm, well, if I exert - like, at /all/, like walking up and down stairs type exertion - I'm getting the effect of a light afterimage in my left eye.

I am trying to convince myself I am panicking over nothing, but.

...I wish I had insurance and could just go to the doctor so as to be reassured if it's nothing and treated if it's not. >_<

edit 1: It is a sad fact about our culture that I, who picked up 95% of my inventory from context and am almost always exactly accurate, thought indigence meant a sort of laziness, industriousnessless before I wrote this entry and looked it up on dictionary.com... however, I decided it was still accurate enough, though exaggerating the issue somewhat. That is, in the context of our culture, indigence is often used in places where it could be replaced with 'laziness' as easily as 'poverty'. And I'm not helping the issue.

edit 2: It is a particularly geeky fact about me that when I put in the squinty face above, the HTML character entities - that's &gt;_&lt; /look as much like a face to me as does the squinty face itself/. Because I know the one becomes the other and my brain translates.
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Haven't been posting much, here.

Thoughts from my life:
I really wish I could find my Sims: Vacation CD. Somewhere.
I really need to figure out a plot and a focus for my supposed IN game; have players, have a time they can all make, and I /have no plot/. I have assorted random plot elements, but nothing I can call a plot. (And I'm sure at least two of the three players are familiar various Pyramid and e23 adventures.)
I am painfully broke. Again. Still. Whatever. Stupid money. Someday, I'm going to not be able to make a loan or credit card payment, and that'll suck majorly.
Kittens are /cute/. (I really need to get pictures off the camera and on to the 'net so people can /see/ them, don't I?)
Everyone in the house is fighting a bug of some kind right now; Siblet and Mom have had terribly sore throats, Mom's run a fever, she and I have both had nasty headaches (word to the wise: Do not try to split wood with a lingering headache.)
On a totally unrelated note, I have a big pile of wood outside to split and stack in the shed before it starts raining later this week, and I'm not, for some reason, making a lot of progress.
I wrote some stuff last week. Now I need to make myself continue. I should pick that Raven story back up; I got bogged down in dialog in the second segment and never resumed.
Life is, over all, pretty good! These things are all /small/ problems. Even the kittens, who are truly little terrors, but ADORABLE AND LOVABLE AND SWEET!
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Money money job happy happy happy! ^______^
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My alarm is set for around 8:30 at the moment. It is more like 6:30. About twenty minutes ago, soundly asleep and content, I hear dire wails from outside. In a tone of despair and heartbreak, my mother is shouting, "Remus, no!" "Remus, no!" Over, and over. Whatever Remus is doing, he is apparently also avoiding her. Remus is a dog.

Remus' great sin )
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...Why is it the mornings I have to get up the earliest are preceeded by the nights where I can sleep the least?

Okay, so being in bed at 11:30, no guarantees on sleeping then. But 12:30? Particularly when already tired? Should have been OUT by then.

...and 5:15 in the morning? It's a good thing lying down and relaxing provides some rest benefit, because I'm less zonked than I would be on forty-five minutes of sleep without the proceeding six hours of restful awakeness.

I no longer let myself get tense about insomnia. If I'm awake, at least I'm getting rest, if not sleep. When I sleep, I'll sleep - it lets the awake-rest do much more good and sleep come sooner than if I stress about it.

Still. DARN, that was a lot of insomnia. *yawn* I'm functional, though. So far. Give it time...


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