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Haven't been posting much, figured I'd throw this out there.
I'm working on a consistent set of house rules for my own usage should I ever run a game again.

Points I intend to address include Impudite Resonance (to be boosted), Habbie Resonance (to be nerfed), combat (though I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here; I want to make dodge more effective and streamline combat rolls, and will probably wind up reducing high end bodyhit calculations so as to keep combat moving rather than degenerating into an endurance contest of hit dodge hit dodge), weakness of humans, etc, etc.

My last game ended months ago, though, and I don't remember all the problems I had during it, so asking for all my other IN playing friends' advice: What other areas do you think the mechanics could use some tweaking?

Also, as long as I'm at it, I want to create some new Songs to cover some of the existing gaps in the 'magic' system. Any suggestions on Song effects you think would be useful or new Sorcery Rituals?
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It occurs to me that one of the reasons Creation and Judgment don't get along isn't new to Eli's walkabout.

And since I blather at length about it, I'll cut it. )
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Dec. 18th, 2004 01:06 am
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A couple of things, and just one economic post!  First, the content.
I'm not done with this yet, but I wanted to post it, because I think I've hit the point where I might not come back to it.  Both the sheet and the special attunements (particularly the mechanics, eww, crunchy bits) need some fine tuning.  I'm torn between cheesing her out - after all, she's got a dangerous, dangerous task in life - and trying to keep things balanced, and at the moment, I'm succeeding at neither.  I think she'd get her ass kicked, AND she's all combat twinked.  As far as the attunments go, I've thrown out three things, but I'm not sure I want to keep them all because they have slightly different focuses.  But the background and the characterization is pretty much what I want save for organizational and stylistic changes.  Comments are welcome, particularly on the crunchy bits, and I haven't come up with many rites yet.  Therefore...
Edit: Belah has gained some nasty Artifacts.
Belah, Angel of ...Hardcore? )

Ok, so that's content.  Now I'm going to throw a meme at you.  You all remember the question/interview/whatever meme?
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