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Jun. 20th, 2009 08:41 am
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I am in California, sitting in the guest room of Brian's parents. Last night, after about four hours of delays, my plane actually finally landed in Los Angeles - the flight itself was uneventful, just the time I spent sitting in SEA was quite long.

Last night, Brian picked me up from the airport. Last night, I got to hug him again. It's been since Christmas.

That won't happen again. From this day onward, our default will be together, not apart. No more phone-call anniversaries. (Or birthdays, weekends 'together', bad days, good days, sunny days, cold nights, rainy gloomy evenings.)

From this time on, he's mine. I can hug him, I can touch him, I can play with his hair, I can snuggle him, I can smile and laugh with him.

We spent four plus years getting to this point. The patience, the anger, the storms, the sorrow, the joy. Ultimately, we decided life fits better when we together than when we are apart, and we struggled through years of a long distance relationship. We have had our trials and our disappointments -- and there are more to come, because we are both human and only human. But we are, together, stronger than we are apart, and we will make it through these as well.


May. 24th, 2003 06:08 pm
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Wee. I was just outside getting food for my guinea pig, and I realized how MUCH I love this time of year. From late Febuary through at least the end of July,t here'll always be at least two kinds of flowers. Right now, we have four apple trees blooming and there's some bush with lots of white flowers that's in bloom all up and down the drive. Pretty! The plums in the yard barely stop blooming when the apples start. And yes, all of these are fruit bearing trees. Our front yard is something of an orchard.

Actually, to be honest, this is the first year two of the apples have ever bloomed, and they were planted from seed, so we don't know what they'll produce. Could be nasty crab apples - but another tree planted at the same time or thereabouts produces some WONDERFUL apples. ^^ They may be seeds from the same batch of apples and thus hopefully the same type, but there's no way to know... Till they're ripe at the end of summer.


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