Dec. 12th, 2011 03:53 pm
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Never shop at Lowes again: www.cnn.com/2011/12/11/showbiz/all-american-muslim-lowes/index.html

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You know, I'm cisgendered, straight (enough), white, Christian, etc. Got two things going against me in this world: one, I'm a woman, two, I have a Hispanic name. (Studies show that job applications with 'ethnic' names are less likely to get callbacks than job applications with generic bullshit western names.) I have fair, fair skin and long light-brown-red-gold hair that is pretty much what dumb artists who can't be bothered to read the book paint for every fantasy heroine EVER. I'm also modestly 'overweight' but have an hourglass shape, just amped up a bit at each measurement.

In this world and this culture, I have a lot of privilege. I am aware of this privilege, or at least some of it and I try to watch for the rest.

Which is why even though I comfortably identify female, shit like this pisses me off so much:

"My apologies but there are only two sexes; male and female so one should apply to you. In the unusual case that you are hermaphrodite then I would suggest that you select the one which you feel applies the best."

I 'know' there are a handful of dumb teens that decide OMG I'M TOTALLY XYZ because it pisses off their parents (Really! 'They' said so!), and that reads like what our support guy here thinks he's talking to. (By the way, assuming that anyone who isn't like you is such a dumb, actingout teen, is what we call 'privilege'. Just a note.) But besides the dumb teens, there's the lonely, lost teens, who really feel that way. Actually, they're a lot more common, because honestly, most teens really do want to fit in. Actually, that dumb teen? Probably a myth.

And the lonely adults, no longer lost but even more separated, who grow up out of those lonely teens, identifying "Other" in various ways in a world which sees gender as a binary.

In case you're wondering where this comes from, it's a discussion with DeviantArt support. Really. Here's the link:

(No really, if the rest is tl;dr, at least click this.)

So, like, if you're using DeviantArt? Would you consider not? Because the binary id thing is bad enough, but being insulting and condescending (I know your gender better than you) about it is worse.


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