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Golden Essence Font
Cost: 1m, 1wp, 1lhl; Mins: Performance 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (dramatic action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Sacred Blood Draught), Obvious, Shaping
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Phantom-Conjuring Performance

The nature of a Solar's soul is holy, and their prayers are granted special consideration by the gods, but even a Solar must sacrifice to win highest favor. Nonetheless, a Solar's essence - and blood - have great power, and this means a Solar has the option to sacrifice of their own power and strength, rather than gathering precious objects. This Charm is a prayer action which creates its own Resources 5 sacrifice.
When a Solar uses this Charm, she performs a normal prayer action as appropriate for the god - or other being - she seeks to communicate with. During the course of the prayer, she uses the illusions of Phantom-Conjuring Performance to create a vessel, which is always stamped with the Solar's castemark, but may otherwise vary with the thematics of both Solar and recipient. This vessel appears to be finely crafted of precious materials. It will gradually fill with either blood or sacred oil as the prayer continues, depending on the nature and preferences of the target of the prayer. At the completion of the prayer action, the vessel and its contents will vanish to be delivered to the targeted god.

New Abyssal Charm: Sacred Blood Draught (Prerequisite: Haunting Apparition Trick; MoEP: Abyssals p. 141). The Abyssal mirror to Golden Essence Font will always produce a sacrifice of blood, rather than oil.
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I was helping Brian with ideas on Charm Writing, and this came up, and he said -I- had to post it.

All-Creation Weaponmaster Method
Cost: -- ; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: none
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Weapon-Taming Mudra

No enemy of Creation, no matter how disarming, is ever safe in the presence of a Weaponmaster Solar. Such is the power and applicability of the Creation-Ruling Mandate that, answering to her need, even the commonest cruft of Creation bends to the Solar's bloody task and serves as a deadly weapon. A swiftly plucked dandelion is a throwing dart; a broken teacup serves as a khatar; the umbrella of a passing nobleman becomes a dire lance. Treat any mundane object turned to combat purposes as an orichalcum artifact of an appropriate type, with all the durability and advantages of wielding orichalcum. This effect is Obvious.

For each weapon 'created' with this Charm, the Solar must reflexively commit motes equivalent to the artifact rating of the weapon being imitated, plus the normal attunement cost of the artifact. The Solar can release those motes at any time, for instance returning the dandelion to a flower after throwing it. Though there is no limit on how many artifacts the Lawgiver can imbue with power, the weapons can be used by no one but the Weaponmaster herself.

Any effects which would cause an attunement to be lost cause the committed motes to be immediately released and the weapon to return to a mundane object. Nothing, however, prevents the Solar from immediately re-expending and committing the motes.

This Charm cannot create a temporary artifact with a rank higher than 3. If purchased again at Essence 7+, the character may make an artifact of level 4 or 5 with the appropriate commitment of motes. An Intelligence + Melee design roll may be necessary for unusual or complicated artifacts.


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