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Jun. 20th, 2009 08:41 am
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I am in California, sitting in the guest room of Brian's parents. Last night, after about four hours of delays, my plane actually finally landed in Los Angeles - the flight itself was uneventful, just the time I spent sitting in SEA was quite long.

Last night, Brian picked me up from the airport. Last night, I got to hug him again. It's been since Christmas.

That won't happen again. From this day onward, our default will be together, not apart. No more phone-call anniversaries. (Or birthdays, weekends 'together', bad days, good days, sunny days, cold nights, rainy gloomy evenings.)

From this time on, he's mine. I can hug him, I can touch him, I can play with his hair, I can snuggle him, I can smile and laugh with him.

We spent four plus years getting to this point. The patience, the anger, the storms, the sorrow, the joy. Ultimately, we decided life fits better when we together than when we are apart, and we struggled through years of a long distance relationship. We have had our trials and our disappointments -- and there are more to come, because we are both human and only human. But we are, together, stronger than we are apart, and we will make it through these as well.
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It was hard to pick an anniversary date for Brian and I. Our relationship sort evolved over a matter of a week or two from "I'm flirting with you and extremely interested, but gunshy about relationships, especially long distance right now" to "OMG I LOVE YOU KISSES NAO PLZ." We never said when we started 'dating'. It just happened. We said, "Let's see what happens." What happened was that we became attached at the hip quickly. Almost a year later as we were coming back on May, we realized how untidy that had been.

We picked May 20th rather arbitrarily, because a) I had logs involving mumblings of love from that day and b) it's exactly 6 months from his birthday, so I was hoping he could remember.

Well, that first year, he forgot. Completely. Despite repeated reminders beforehand. No seriously, the guy forgot our FIRST anniversary and I'm still dating him. ;)

(He's going to be embarrassed and complain that I posted this.)

I don't regret that, either. It's been four years since we more or less attached ourselves to each other for good, and I love him deeply. Sometimes I'm scared about our upcoming wedding, and everything that goes along with that, but... those fears are not because of who Brian is, but because of the baggage of our society.

I love you, Brian. August 7th, we start the counter over.


Nov. 21st, 2007 01:55 am
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I has a Brian. Do not expect to see much of me over the remainder of the week+weekend.

Family Circle players! Game is on this Saturday unless someone else /can't/ make it, and maybe even then, but we need to start about an hour late. (If you post here, I won't need to repeat myself in Sammy.)

That's 1 pacific, 2 mountain, 3 central, and 4 eastern. To specify for all the time zones I have playing. =p

I has a Brian. ^___^


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