Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:18 pm
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Not that I've been active on anything lately, but wow, LJ is I guess dead to me.

Seriously, the translation you can read isn't the real legally binding TOS? Agree to the Russian ones? What kind of *BEEEP* is that. If you're going to provide a translation, run it by your lawyers.

The internet, of course, is remarkably unkind to non-english speakers who often are asked to agree to a TOS they can't read, but I would expect any company that provides an official translation to be sure it's accurate.

Regret my lifetime account now, I guess. I'm going to keep crossposting for now, but all comments are pushed to my DW. So if you're reading this on LJ, hop on over to the DW. If you're reading this on LJ and there aren't any recent posts, well, ...most likely I just vanished again, but it's possible I've stopped crossposting. So hop on over.

So, I'm alive, 36, I doubt virtually anyone who used to still reads my journal, but if you do, stop by, tell me what's changed in your life in the past couple years. I'm screening comments.

As for what's up with me?

Not much, but if you really want to know, see the cut...

Still working at the paper. In some ways, things are better now.

We're theoretically trying for kids now, but so far all that's happened is a heartbreaking miscarriage. I knew the pregnancy had almost certainly failed before, but I actually passed the tissue on my 36th birthday. That was something.

Everything else that's happened in my life recently is really more someone else's story than mine, but suffice it to say it's involved plenty of pain, death, and misery for everyone.
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