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I've been trying to train up a pandora station that plays nothing but strong female-fronted rock. I'm doing this looking for songs that have the potential to be character themesongs for my various Exalted characters, but it's been fairly slim pickings.

Anyone have female-fronted bands they like to listen to? I love Metric, but I'm mostly looking for a harder edge.

Here are my current seeds:

Empire by the Alpines -- one of my current Bennu songs
Unbreakable by Fireflight (CCM, but I don't mind that.) -- Also a Bennu song but really more a Phoenix Maiden song. This band has an -excellent- sound but very few songs that have lyrics that work very well for most my characters.
The Mission by Puscifer -- TOTALLY Ara (Airship captain, dual flamepiece wielding eclipse. And yes, this isn't a female fronted band, but this one song is.)
Halestorm -- Unfortunately their lyrics are either 'standard romance' or more Abyssal or Infernal, but definitely the -sound- I'd like.

Bands that are coming up a lot, though none of them are quite perfect, include:
Paramore (a little to pop-y for my purposes, but not bad.)
Icon For Hire
Evanescence (Not always very hard, but.)
Dirt Poor Robins

It feels like every time I hear an even slightly harder song and thumbs it up, the damn thing goes back to pulling in male vocalists 75% of the time.

Any suggestions to listen to/add as seeds welcome!


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