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Brian says, "Okay! You have just finished SMASHING EVIL or at least, chaotic enough to be evil This was pretty clearly not the main van. What are your plans?"

Name set.

<<OOC>> Bennu says "Keep hunting. My troops handled themselves admirably and I think they're ready for a challenge. And Order still needs to be affirmed."

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Do we know if there is another threat here in the South, or are we ready to head West for the greater threat, and the stronghold in the hills?"

Brian says, "You have not defeated the Rose That Is The Maiden; and this was a small force, not a horde."

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Well then. Our "orders", if you can call prophetic dreams such, were fairly clear. We need to finish up with the Rose here, quickly, before we can move on."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "They're orders as far as Bennu is concerned!"

<<OOC>> Ashan is also pretty sure they're going in the right direction here.

Brian [to Reed]: You're taking wing right now, then?

<<OOC>> Bennu says "So yeah. Since we're unhurt, Bennu wants at most to spend a day in the recovery of willpower and Essence and training, then move on to find the behemoth we're hunting."

<<OOC>> Two says "I think we need to slice and dice."

Reed [to Brian]: Correct. I'm not hurt, so I'll glide around and see what I can see.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Mahir definitely needs a bit of downtime to regen essence, he was *completely* drained."

<<OOC>> Ashan says "...Bennu, your troops are Essence 2 now, right?"

<<OOC>> Bennu says "Yes, indeed."

Brian [to Reed]: Give me a Per + Survival stunt

<<OOC>> Ashan says "...balls. Stupid Essence burden."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "In the immediate, she will have her troops set up a small, well-defended camp, for the resting period for Essence recovery."

Brian [to Bennu]: For my own information, give me a layout for the camp, preparations, etc.

Brian says, "If there's anything anyone is doing other than basic camp set-up, I'd like to know it, too."

Reed :, after making sure that every last one of the raksha is good and dead, returns to Teyv's side. "Stay here," he says firmly, and then jumps into the air, one moment a wiry little barbarian and the next a small ivory falcon. With only a few beats of his wings he's just a speck in the sky far above, circling around and looking for more signs of trouble.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "I would do a perimeter search, establish boundaries and make myself familiar with the local terrain, etc."

Bennu [to Brian]: I suspect they sleep 2 to a small tent; the larger tents are more efficient if you have wagons, but they don't, and a single warrior has to be able to carry the tent without being excessively burdened. They're laid out in three wings of about four tents each, around a central area left open for the Exalted. But before they set up tents, they dig latrines and a defensive ditch, using anything they can find to help reinforce it.

Brian [to Reed]: 2-dot.

<<DICE>> Reed rolls 8 dice: <1 1 2 3 7 7 8 10> for 5 successes.

Bennu [to Brian]: Watches of two are set between each of the wings, for a total of 6 sentries at all times, within easy shouting distance of their resting companions.

<<OOC>> Brian says "having some problems getting Writer opened, one sec."

Two plans on doing training exercises with the warriors but otherwise relaxing.

Ashan makes himself useful in his quiet way, working beside the troops at whatever needs doing; pitching tents, gathering fuel for fires, setting up whatever fortifications Bennu deems necessary. Where he goes, serenity follows; often, the soldiers don't realize that the companion working beside them is Exalted until the task is done. He listens to their troubles and gives them encouragement, advice or reassurance as needed.

Teyv checks in on the soldiers, and makes sure they stay hydrated, and stretch after their training exercises, but otherwise relaxes with himself. He makes sure to spend just slightly less time with each soldier than would be appropriate in a social situation.

<<OOC>> Teyv says "I'm going to jump in the shower real quick, so I'm ready to leave after game. Teyv will just follow along with what everybody else does, as he likely wouldn't be involved in any strategic or military decisions."

Brian [to Reed]: Do you have anything Wyld-sensing?

<<DICE>> Brian rolls 14 dice: <1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 9 10> for 4 successes.

Brian [to Two]: Do you have TWTT yet?

<<OOC>> Bennu says "I have the atlas, BTW, and will be paying close attention."

<<OOC>> Two says "I haven't gotten any new charms."

Brian [to Bennu]: Hmm. Int + War, then, 2-dot stunt.

Brian [to Mahir]: Give me a Survival or Investigations stunt.

Reed [to Brian]: Actually, I have Wyld-sensing instincts. Can't recall if it's passive or not.

Brian [to Two]: Okay. Generic training it is; you'll recover your essence fairly fast. How far are you down?

Brian [to Reed]: If you turn it on, it stays on until you tell it to go away, so, yes.

<<OOC>> Two says "27 down"

<<OOC>> Two is gonna load up on War charms.

<<OOC>> Brian says "Actually, how far down is everyone? That'll tell me how long you need to rest."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "I was down about 25 IIRC."

<<OOC>> Brian says "If I remember right from Bennu's set-up, the Tiger Warriors have Resistances of 5 each, not sure about their stamina, but they can probably outlast you poor Exalts in terms of time grinding."

<<OOC>> Ashan says "Somewhere around there, yeah, but Ashan has two active Hearthstone-type-thingies, so."

Brian [to Reed]: The chaotic, half-melted, half... rotting... marks of their passage go further on to the southeast, stretching on and on for a while-- way south, in fact-- and you're feeling an uneasy sense of the rising tide of chaos. It's not just that the Hospitallers drip the stuff of the Wyld from them with every movement, but that there is a surge here, of the Unshaped 'pushing' the borders in. The tracks lead into the bordermarches. Less obvious information to follow in pages.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "I'm short 32, according to my notes."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "Sta 4 IIRC."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "Let me check."

Mahir spends just a few minutes checking over his gear after the battle. He watches Bennu's troops start to set up camp, and nods to Bennu. "I'm going to establish a perimeter, I'll yell if I spot anything." With that, he vanishes into the terrain, walking a broad circle around the camp, eyes darting all over, searching out potential attack routes, hiding spots, choke points, anything that might be useful or harmful.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Survival is one point up over Investigation."

<<OOC>> Mahir says "And my notes said I still had Essence Sight running. If it dropped, I'll pay to put it back up."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "No, apparently I stopped at 2."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "But they are res 5."

Brian [to Bennu]: Give me a Per + War stunt for the use of your Total Perspective Field; it's being contested. Add five successes.

Brian [to Mahir]: Ok, 2-dot stunt.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Perc+Surv?"

Bennu [to Brian]: Can I stunt?

<<DICE>> Mahir rolls 9 dice: <1 1 2 4 4 6 7 9 10> for 4 successes.

<<DICE>> Brian rolls 12 dice: <1 2 5 5 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 10> for 5 successes.

Brian [to Mahir]: Yeah. How far from camp are you willing to range?

<<OOC>> Mahir says "It kinda depends on how quickly Bennu gets set up and how far out her sentries are. I'd do one pass at no greater than earshot, if we stay longer then I'll go deeper to check out potential trouble spots, or anything that looks especially interesting."

Bennu is not highly involved in the camp set up of her mostly-mortal followers; she has another duty. She paces the outskirts of the camp, measuring her steps; this is her territory now, where they have battled and the Solars have won the day. Here Essence and gossamer have marked power, and the Solar Essence that upholds Creation stands triumphant. For now, until they move on to another fight, this land remembers the Mandate, and, aided by the power of her armor, she searches out its secrets, ensuring that the campsite will remain secure, that her victorious warriors may rest undisturbed, and that none will dare challenge her mandate.

Brian [to Bennu]: 2-dot.

Bennu [to Brian]: WP/WP

<<DICE>> Bennu rolls 12 dice: <1 2 4 4 4 5 5 7 8 8 9 10> for 6 successes.

<<OOC>> Bennu says "7 total."

Brian [to Mahir]: Okay. You see the Wyld-tainted tracks going off to the generally south-eastish, but if it broke off from the main horde at any particular point, it's past the range you're willing to head out to.

Brian says, "It looks like it'll take about six hours, more or less."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "Oh, right, 12 total with Essence."

<<OOC>> Mahir says "That's fine, the tracking can wait until we're ready to head out, this is mostly just perimeter security while we all recharge."

Brian [to Bennu]: Something ... probably... friendly is moving up from the deep south. Placement is hard because of the Wyld, and some other strange effect that the Field doesn't quite recognize. It's unwilling to label it properly, and can only give you a twenty degree arc in which it probably is.

Bennu moves to the southern extreme of the camp and peers away over the desert, querying the little god of her armor for any other details it can give her, before looking around for the Lunar or the Night.

Brian [to Bennu]: It flags Reed and Mahir's position properly. The Phantasmic IFF Candle is flickering an "Assign from User Memory, Wrong Life Detected, Please Reboot Shard and Try Again?" error over the arc.

Reed glances back towards the camp briefly before soaring even farther away, following the tainted trail to the south. It isn't long before he's vanished from even Solar sight, gliding along the shores of the Wyld in an attempt to spot more elusive things.

Bennu says, "Reed doesn't seem to be, but if Mahir is close enough to try to wave down, I'll try."

<<DICE>> Reed rolls 9 dice: <1 2 4 8 9 9 9 10 10> for 8 successes.

<<DICE>> Brian rolls 12 dice: <1 2 2 3 3 4 5 7 7 7 7 10> for 6 successes.

Reed [to Brian]: Friendly?

Bennu [to Mahir]: Any chance I can get your attention? :p

Brian [to Reed]: You can't really tell, except that it's not nearly as hostile as the hospitallers.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Almost certainly. Might take a minute or two, but I'm doing perimeters, not hunting, so I'd be staying in touch, so to speak."

<<OOC>> Reed says "Few things are."

Bennu will wave at Mahir, as he comes near again.

Reed circles and wings back towards the camp, briefly making sure Teyv is still present and whole before landing neatly on the ridgepole of one of the central tents to wait until the rest of the Solars return.

Brian [to Reed]: Your pup- er, solar-- is still safe.

Mahir glances up from one of his perimeter scans to see Bennu waving, and double-times it back to the camp to see what the situation is.

Brian says, "Two, Teyv, y'all joining the others?"

Bennu nods to Mahir as he draws in. "My armor is picking a ...something up, to the South, in the Wyld," she tells him. "It thinks friendly but I'm not sure I trust it; it seems... confused." She gestures in the relatively narrow arc.

Teyv sees the gathering of Solars and heads over to the group.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Is her angle consistent with the track that I noted but didn't follow?"

Brian [to Mahir]: Nope, not even close.

Two gathers her things together before heading over. Because you never know.

Ashan materializes, or perhaps was always there -- who knows? "What sort of confusion?" he asks, curious.

Bennu gives Ashan a thin, amused smile. "It wants me to 'reboot shard' for better information," she informs him.

<<OOC>> Brian says "Butler Obsequiousness Appearance Prana ACTIVATE!"

Mahir says, "I saw nothing in that direction. There were tracks leading off further east, but I didn't follow them far enough to find out what was on the other end."

"There is a thing there," Reed supplies, "At the borders of the Wyld. It comes this way-- perhaps ten, fifteen minutes. It moves fast."

<<OOC>> Ashan says "That's an innate Sidereal Charm. XD"

Ashan blinks. "I have no idea what that could possibly mean, I'm sorry. Teyv, do you have any idea?"

<<OOC>> Teyv says "The shard?"

<<OOC>> Brian says "I suspect that's the comment Ashan is asking about."

Two says, "What thing?"

Teyv says, "There is an incantation 'Cut, Roll, Alter, Delirium' which can sometimes be used to reset the focus of the spirits inhabiting ancient technology. If that doesn't work, I can attempt Crack Mending on the shard, to bring it back to a state of order."

Brian [to Teyv]: I love that. You can use it as a thaumaturgical ritual to boost the clarity of Bennu's filtering for information; it'll take less than a minute.

Teyv places two fingers of one hand, and one finger of his other hand on Bennu and mumbles his incantation, attempting to calm and focus the exaltation. Almost as a strong psychic shock from a skilled physician can steady an irregular heartbeat, but in this case without all the limb flailing and yelling of "clear!"

<<OOC>> Brian says "Using any Charms or just the ritual?"

<<OOC>> Teyv says "unless flawless diagnosis applies, I don't think I have any appropriate charms."

<<OOC>> Brian says "Ok. Intelligence + Occult + 3-dot stunt for making me laugh."

<<DICE>> Teyv rolls 13 dice: <2 2 4 4 4 5 7 7 8 9 9 9 10> for 8 successes.

Brian [to Bennu]: With Teyv's expert hands at work, the arc narrows... flicks around a bit... and is suddenly a clearly resolvable dot, moving at 600mph from the south. Strong, fast, and pulsing with Essence concealed behind a Charm-based concealing shield of Wyld and Lunar Essence is a familiar icon-- Rahnli Swiftride and her souped-up Warbird, coming your way at speed.

<<OOC>> Two says "Uh oh"

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Incoming!"

Bennu relaxes and laughs a bit. "Most likely friendly," she answers, "Indeed. I can see her now; Rahnli Swiftride, a Lunar. I have met her before. As long as everyone's polite, she'll likely be too." After a moment, she adds, "By her standards, anyhow."

Reed nods. "As I said. Perhaps ten minutes from now."

Two blinks a few times. "It worries me that she is moving so swiftly to our location."

Ashan mentally rifles through his memory; his training hadn't focused much on prominent Lunar Exalted, but Heavenly gossip was a powerful and knowledgeable thing. Perhaps he'd heard something, somewhere...

Reed shrugs. "There is a wrongness behind her. Perhaps she brings word of what it may be."

Bennu's lips twitch. "I would not call Rahnli a -thing-," she says, and turns and heads back to camp. "She goes everywhere swiftly, Two," she answers. "She may bear alarm, but we do not know that, yet."

Bennu frowns at Reed's -other- news. "Ah. Well, we will see when she arrives."

Brian [to Ashan]: 2-dot.

<<OOC>> Ashan says "WP/WP"

<<DICE>> Ashan rolls 8 dice: <4 5 5 5 6 7 7 9> for 3 successes.

Bennu moves back to the camp and makes sure all is in order - and that the troops are aware that there -may- be trouble coming behind the first visitor, and keep their weapons close at hand.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Do we have any regen yet, in case whatever is behind Rahnli *is* hostile?"

<<OOC>> Brian says "You have 4 motes back if you were doing anything but resting and meditating; 8 back if you rested/meditated."

<<OOC>> Brian says "Anyone doing or saying anything else at this point?"

<<OOC>> Bennu says "And Hearthstone regen as well, one presumes, if we have them?"

<<OOC>> Brian says "One hour's worth, si."

<<OOC>> Reed says "Just waiting."

Two waits with the others.

Brian says, "Within 15 mintues, a slight shimmering appears at the edge of sight and becomes more and more visible. It is a slight, background blur on Essence sight, though it's plenty sharp on Bennu's TPF. It circles the camp and slows, elegantly, parking nearby the cluster of Solars. The Tiger Warriors tense, but do not attack, waiting for a sign from Bennu. The blur disappears, revealing a gigantic Moonsilver warbird with three saddles, straps, and saddlebags a-plenty, and a dangerous-looking light implosion bow turret mounted below the chest. Prayer runes line the "feathers," a slight starmetal glyph spattering with orichalcum circuitry. The huge wings are angled back with lines of nearly invisible force radiating from it as it cuts speed. Wicked talons help the warbird land and duck low.

The rider is easy to see on the back, a good nine feet tall with broad shoulders, otherwise built on a lean, mean frame, wearing curve-hugging articulated moonsilver plate she insists on calling her 'ridin' leathers,' with her usual aerodynamic, glinting moonsilver helm on, the clear adamant goggles pulled down over her golden eyes, settled stylishly on her muzzle, this is the lunar elder, Ms. Rahnli Swiftride. She slings easily off the warbird, petting it before pulling the goggles up onto the helm and sauntering over to the lot of you. She gives Reed a friendly, "Hey!" and then sticks her hands on her hips and shakes her head at Bennu. "Still hangin' out with the candle-polishin' squad, shug?""

Brian [to Bennu]: Make your willpower roll.

Bennu [to Brian]: Spending WP on it. XD

<<DICE>> Bennu rolls 10 dice: <2 3 3 4 4 6 7 7 8 8> for 4 successes.

<<OOC>> Bennu says "That's just exactly difficulty. :p"

<<OOC>> Brian chuckles. The fnord tries to surface, but doesn't.

<<OOC>> Mahir says "Fnord!"

Bennu fights down conflicting memories, and nods to Rahnli. "There is purpose," she answers. "And the world is in desperate need of order, especially here, where the Wyld taints."

Reed nods at Rahnli, acknowledging the elder Lunar's presence.

Teyv is far more fascinated by the orichalcum technology, than by the imposing presence of the lunar. He knows better than to run forward and examine the warbird, but given the opportunity he could spend a month taking it apart and putting it back together. He starts mentally composing a letter to the director of the hospital in Fella about starting an air ambulance service.

<<OOC>> Brian chuckles.

Ashan is just watching, for now; quiet and unobtrusive among the other Exalts. He's not particularly trying to evade notice, though being a Sidereal means that's sort of his natural state; he's just waiting.

<<DICE>> Brian rolls 15 dice: <2 3 3 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 8 8 9 9 10> for 7 successes.

Two bows slightly to the Lunar, looking her over carefully. "Is candle-polishing another way of saying 'driving the forces of chaos before us in a swath of destruction?'"

Mahir appraises the new arrival, allowing his features to reveal that he is quite impressed, both by the powerful Lunar, and her mode of transport. He does not act or speaking, waiting for Rahnli to reply to Bennu's greeting.

Rahnli looks over at Two, ignoring her Solar for the moment. "Y'all squashed a bug, little girl." She sighs, and looks back at Bennu. "Twenty-five humans, a dragon-blooded, and five celestials?" she complains. "You -do- know there's thirty thousand cataphractoi southwest and heading this way, right? Not counting the nobles and lesser behemoths plus that dang rosy girly."

Two says, "We had that idea. Well, not so much the numbers." She considers. "Are you available to aid us?"

Bennu shrugs. "Righteousness multiplies our strength. Should we flee and leave the residents of these lands unprotected with our going." Her voice is a little deep for her. "When have we ever fled when needed? We would, of course," and she nods to Two, "Welcome your aid."

<<OOC>> Mahir is going to keep quietly observing until I have a better sense of who this newcomer is and where she stands.

Rahnli snorts. "Grandpappy can get here in force in four weeks," she says, not quite answering Bennu's question. "Does it really have to be you, alone?" She snorts at Two. "I'll tell Grandpappy, but I ain't keepin' Roxy waitin'. I ain't -stayin- where a human pup is a snack, so I'll pick up your toys for the next life ya get to play with my poor Southern heart with," she grouses at Bennu, "In about a week."

Two nods and hmphs. "I believe we were told to take care of the Rose. Instead of numbers, do you see another way to get to it? As you say, we are a small force, so perhaps there is some way to take advantage of that."

Bennu frowns, crossing her armor-plated arms across her chest. "I have not known you to give false warnings," she says. "But we can not turn our backs on Creation's needs, either. If you think ...I don't know who you speak of, Rahnli... but if you think aid could come, it is possible we could undertake delaying actions instead of an assault."

<<OOC>> Brian says "Everyone is welcome to make strategic comments. By the way, is Two wearing a helmet?"

Mahir frowns. "We were given a mandate to deal with the threat that the Rose poses to Creation. We would not have been tasked with that if the task were impossible, and we cannot abandon that task simply because someone says that it's going to be difficult."

<<OOC>> Two says "Good question. She'd have put it on to wait for Rahnli. As for taking it off... maybe."

<<OOC>> Brian says "It is a necessary, if fiddling, detail.""

<<DICE>> Two rolls 1d2 <1> for 1 total.

<<OOC>> Two says "Took it off."

Two says, "If we deal with the Rose, I imagine the rest of the forces will be greatly weakened."

Rahnli ponders that. "Well, they ain't exactly lines-and-ranks, y'know?" She reaches over and pinches Two's cheek. "Ain'tcha adorable, usin' the brains your Incarna gave ya." She sniffs, and looks at Reed. "You any good at pushin' through the Wyld yet, pup?

Ashan nods slightly. "Strategy isn't my strength, but with the balance of forces as it is, subterfuge of some kind seems to be our best course. Either delaying tactics, or an assassination of the Rose and its closest generals."

Two reddens and her eyes tighten a bit.

Reed nods. "For myself, and perhaps one, maybe two others. What is your thought, Elder?"

Bennu contemplates. "I like the idea of a precise strike, if we can get the location close enough. But stealth is not something my troops and I have trained in, especially. On the other hand, as has been noted now and before, the Fae are rarely good at military discipline such as 'patrols' and 'sentries'. So long as we have time for Samun to cast, we can likely make a clean escape especially in the chaos that comes from the fall of a leader."

Rahnli taps a foot, frowning. "Wyld-Sensin' workin' properly an' all? An' this your Twilight?" she asks, looking at Teyv. She then looks over at Bennu. "You got Shael's tricks with makin' the world more real?"

Rahnli nods. "Can't be stayin' around for all y'all," she repeats. "But if you can lead, pup," she tells Reed, "Shug here," she says, patting Bennu's shoulder, "Can take care of the rest, an' your boy plus Sammy can work on smoothin' out the Wyld, thaumaturgic-like," she explains, "So's you don't make too many ripples." She sniffs. "Y'ain't gonna likely make it, though." She slaps Bennu's armor, crankily. "You an' Shael have no damn _sense_."

Bennu smiles. "He would thank you for the compliment. So will I. I promise you, though, we will try not to get killed."

Mahir says, "I confess, I am much happier with the idea of an assassination than a pitched battle against thirty thousand, but the job must be done, one way or another."

Rahnli growls. "I'd be happier if you'd wait the month for Grandpappy."

Reed says nothing, although his assessment is similar to Rahnli's. If Teyv goes, he'll follow-- likely grumbling the whole way, but still there.

Mahir says, "So would we, I'd imagine, but we have another pressing engagement after this one is complete, and we're told the clock is ticking."

Bennu shrugs. "If we can not find a safe avenue of attack, I am sure we will ultimately wait. But to permit the forces of the Wyld to run rampant in Creation is not... what we were made for."

Two bows slightly to Rahnly again. "We will do our best to live."

Rahnli grunts. "If all y'all plan on goin' in alone anyway, y'might as well go in sneaky-like, at least," she chuffs, her tail slashing back and forth angrily. "Y'got that much sense, at least. Maybe the rest will grow, like a mold, with time."

"They have been sheltered until now," Reed reminds the elder softly. "But they are learning."

"My teacher would say," Bennu says, "that if we die, we are sorry to let you down. But you are an Exalt and can fend for yourself, and the mortals in the path of destruction can not." She holds out a hand towards Rahnli. "I'm sorry I can't entirely wait, but Exalts are not made to live safe lives. I will take your warnings to heart and not try a full on assault - we have never known you to be foolishly -cautious-. But we must do something, and even delaying actions will put us in the path of danger." Her eyes flick. "And you will be careful, too? You are older and more powerful than we, but..."

Rahnli stares at Bennu, and there's a look of pain in her golden eyes. "Be well and be brave, little girl," she says quietly, for Bennu alone. "I know what the wind has to say." She then shrugs a bit and heads back to her Warbird. "Grandpappy don't like women none, but he ain't been known to chew on a fellow lunar unless ya stupid or mouthy," she says blithely, "So I don't get problems with him. Roxy..." She shudders. "Ain't stayin' longer than it takes to deliver a package and out. No time for snacks." She gives Reed another look. "You lead them straight, pup," she warns, then pauses. "Anything y'all want said to an Elder on the songlines," she asks grudgingly.

<<OOC>> Brian says "Give me your answers, and then we'll end; since Teyv and Reed have to go, you guys can do planning next session."

Bennu has nothing further to say except farewells.

Reed nods again, almost deeply enough to be a bow. "I can do no less, Elder."

Teyv stands in respectful silence.

Two shakes her head. "Perhaps I will have something to say when we meet next."

Rahnli smirks at Two for some reason and waves. "Tell your momma I said 'Hey,' Bennu." She pauses. "An' I've taken care of Shael's family. They won't want."

Bennu bows herself. "Thank you, Rahnli," she says. "Farewell, and beware of the fangs."

<<OOC>> Brian says "And close. 5 xp for everyone"

<<OOC>> Two has a mouth!

Brian giggles maddly. "You guys have no idea what I've planned if you ever pay for your Lunars as Allies. Well, Two and Mahir, I guess the rest of you know.

Kageneko says, "I think I need to do that."

<<OOC>> Bennu says "I have a very strange relationship with my Lunar already. XD"
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