Aug. 26th, 2013

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Okay, I have an interesting one here. More of my friends are mac users or nontechies than not, but there's a few of you out there.

So when I got my desktop back up and running (or the computer formerly known as my desktop, though virtually every part except the optical drives and the video card are new) I had to reinstall windows.

I chose to do an 'unattended' install to seamlessly move the User files to a second partition on the drive from start for maximum functionality and the speed boost that a small primary partition provides. Everything was working just fine...

Until now when I have just discovered that though it is enabled, VirtualStore is not working. I don't have a lot of legacy programs that don't know manners, but I do have a couple (all old games, of course). While I can install those in another folder, I'd rather have it Just Work.

I rather like UAC. I consider virtualization of protected directories to be one of the smartest moves MS made going to Vista. (Though of course it wasn't really implemented 'right' until 7, much like most other things.) While there's like a dozen workarounds I can take on a per-app basis (taking full control of the folders, installing elsewhere, creating symlinks to data directories... etc.) I really want VirtualStore to just work. Anyone know how to give it a kick in the pants?

All I can find on the googles is a few people talking about how moving their user folder, in whatever method, jacked up their VirtualStore the same way.

PS: Really, Microsoft, how hard does "Save stuff over HERE!" have to be?


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