Feb. 12th, 2013

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Well, that was one of the more interesting phishing/scam phone calls I've ever received.

Very heavy Indian type accent. Not expert enough to place it for sure, but we'll call it "The Dell Support Accent" for lack of better precision.

This is [something I couldn't quite hear, maybe Ceylon for all the lack of sense that would make?] technical support, calling about your computer.

I gave them half a chance. I did recently send my laptop in to ASUS to be repaired, maybe ASUS was trying to follow up on that and find out if I was happy with the repairs.

Your computer is not responding to online updates.

Okay, you still haven't said anything that indicates a previous business connection and you're offering me entirely unsolicited support for online updates? That I know I get, BTW, because they come in automatically and I just checked this morning and saw there were none, anyhow. At least, default OS ones. Which, it seemed, was what he was talking about.

So I asked again what company he was from. Still couldn't hear the answer. What computer was he talking about. The Microsoft Windows one. What brand? He doesn't know.

Gosh, thanks. You know my phone number, associated with my non-updating computer, but have no further information about my computer, who I am, or anything else?

Right. And I'm the queen of the flying pigs.

I hung up about then, so I don't know if it was an attempt to get me to install viruses or pay for technical support services I didn't need. (Or both!)

But very interesting.

ETA: Call came from a blocked number. "Private Caller" - that makes it WAY less likely it's anything legit, too.


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